About us

The law firm is led by advocate Małgorzata Nowotnik-Zajączkowska, legal advisor Jan Lipski and Rechtsanwalt Łukasz Krasoń-Becker supported by a team of experienced lawyers and trainees. Thanks to our cooperation with academic teachers of top law faculties, we have access to legal expertise in each field of law.

We believe that it is possible to provide legal assistance while maintaining ethical standards, high corporate service standards and appropriate culture of dispute. We believe that the essence of the legal profession is to find solutions for problems that seem impossible to solve. The success of your business and your satisfaction from our services makes us happy and motivates to further growth.

Our team

Małgorzata Nowotnik-Zajączkowska


Attorney-at-law, Graduate of the Law and Administration Department of Warsaw University. She also completed post-graduate studies in copyright, publishing law and press law at Intellectual Property Law Institute at Jagiellonian University and post-graduate studies in negotiation, mediation and other alternative methods of dispute resolution at the Law Faculty of Warsaw University. Since 2003, member of the District Bar Council in Warsaw. She acquired her professional experience during many years of cooperation with renowned Polish and foreign law firms, representing international corporations and Polish companies in court proceedings and providing advice in ongoing legal services. She runs ongoing comprehensive corporate services for commercial entities in drawing up, commenting and negotiating agreements. She also represents Clients in court proceedings, particularly in commercial cases. She specialises in intellectual property law (copyright law, industrial property law, unfair competition, brand protection, press law, IT) and commercialisation of scientific research and development works.

Languages: Polish (native tongue), English and German.

Jan Lipski

Legal adviser

Graduate of the Law and Administration Department of Warsaw University. For many years an employee of the Chancellery of the Sejm, he is a legislation expert. He obtained his experience during two apprenticeships: sejm (parliamentary) apprenticeship at the Chancellery of the Sejm and court apprenticeship at District Court for Warsaw-Praga in Warsaw. He specialises in issues related to techniques of lawmaking and wording of agreements. He represents owners in reprivatisation proceedings regarding recovery of estates taken over by the state based on, among others, the land reform decree, the decree on ownership and use of land in the capital city of Warsaw and other expropriation acts. He manages the team that provides services for non-governmental organisations: associations, foundations, church legal persons and entities operating private kindergartens and schools. He conducts ongoing legal services for entrepreneurs.

Languages: Polish (his native tongue) and English

Łukasz Krasoń-Becker

Legal adviser

Rechtsanwalt, member of the Rechtsanwaltskammer des Saarlandes and Deutscher Anwaltverein. Since 2008, he has been providing legal assistance in Poland in the scope of the barrister profession. Entered into the list of foreign lawyers run by the District Bar Council in Warsaw. Doctoral student at the Saarland University, at the chair of the commercial law (thesis subject: Distribution agreements and security of suppliers in Polish and German law). He specialises in commercial law, company law and in court proceedings in Poland and Germany. Considering his education and many years of experience acquired in Germany and in Polish law firms specialising in clients from Germany, he also specialises in Polish-German legal and economic issues. He works with German entities, entities with German capital and entities cooperating with Germany or holding subsidiaries, branches or representations in Germany. Other areas of practice: public procurement law, construction law.

Languages: Polish, German (native tongues) and English

Adam Szafrański

Doctor of law

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University. He completed German Law School at the university and one-year course at Regensburg University. After graduation he was appointed head of the German Law School and began doctorate studies. In 2007, he defended his doctor’s thesis and began working as assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Warsaw University. He completed scientific internships in Germany, Austria and the US. Besides the University, he acquired work experience in law firms and – later – in public administration as team leader in the Sejm Analysis Bureau of the Chancellery of the Sejm and as President of the Energy Regulatory Office. He was also an arbiter at the Arbitration Court at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Currently, he is President of the National Examination Committee which holds sworn translation exams. His scientific interests and practical expertise include energy law, economic activity law (with the procedure of launching business activity), licences, permits and entries to the Regulated Activity Register, competition protection law, state aid and public economic activity.

Languages: Polish (native tongue), English and German

Jaśmina Bondara

Trainee advocate

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and of the German Law School at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. In 2015, she obtained a Magister Legum (LL.M.) degree in German law at the University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn). She constantly improves her qualifications, currently she is a postgraduate student of the “Academy of Companies” programme at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Together with RA Łukasz Krasoń-Becker, she is responsible for a German Desk providing assistance to German-speaking clients in Poland and representing Polish companies in Germany.

Languages: Polish (native tongue), English and German

Nabycie nieruchomości w toku licytacji komorniczej

Art. 999 Kodeksu postępowania cywilnego (k.p.c.) reguluje zasady przejścia własności nieruchomości na nabywcę po dokonaniu przysądzenia własności. Postanowienie o przysądzeniu własności ma charakter konstytutywny, tj. przenosi własność nieruchomości będącej przedmiotem egzekucji.

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Szkolenie o mediacji

22 września 2015 roku mec. Sławomir Jakubowski z naszej Kancelarii uczestniczył w szkoleniu pt. „Mediacja – nowoczesna i efektywna droga rozwiązywania sporów pomiędzy przedsiębiorcami” organizowanym przez Konfederację Lewiatan w ramach projektu „Centra Arbitrażu i Mediacji”.