Our clients

We offer comprehensive assistance in establishment of a company and in its operations. Our guiding principle in how we provide legal assistance is to identify the individual needs and interests of the Client and adequately adjust legal solutions we propose to those needs and interests. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand them. We are fully aware that deliberations on legal issues are not a purpose in itself, but must serve certain economic objectives and is one of the necessary instruments of running a company. This is why our Clients do not receive abstract, scientific legal disquisitions, but specific advice. Good consulting must be simple and practical, yet it should neither contain unacceptable simplifications nor omit any vital aspect of the analysed problem. With many years of experience in international law firms, we are able to provide legal assistance in line with the best standards of the market. We cooperate with a tax consulting company and an accounting office, with EU funding consultants and with patent attorneys. We are convinced that high quality of legal services might be available also for small and medium-sized enterprises.


As regards entrepreneurs starting their own business, we help choose the best – from the organisational and tax perspective – legal form for the business activity and we perform all the necessary formalities. We cooperate in this respect with selected tax advisors and an accounting office. We support start-ups in negotiations with investors and in drawing up investment agreements. Owing to an ongoing cooperation with a consulting company that specialises in EU and national subsidies, we are able to take our Clients through a process of submitting a motion for a subsidy and – if successful – through its subsequent settlement. We help entrepreneurs undertake and conduct business activity in Special Economic Zones. In an effort to meet the needs of newly-minted entrepreneurs, we have developed a special programme of cooperation with our law firm. For more information about the programme, please contact us at kancelaria@nls-law.pl

Ongoing legal and tax service

We support entrepreneurs in ongoing business activity through development of templates of corporate documents (resolutions of management board, minutes from shareholders’ meetings), draft regulations, providing opinions on agreements and negotiating them, drawing up documents related to conducting business activity in the Internet. We offer development of procedures and agreement templates that standardise relations with potential counterparties and appropriately secure interests of our Clients. We also prepare procedures related to concluding agreements by entrepreneurs and conduct training in this area. We support our Clients in recovery of receivables and in employment issues. We specialise in Polish-German economic cooperation and in intellectual property. We provide legal assistance in Polish, English and German.

Assistance in transformations and strategic decisions

We provide advice to our Clients who make strategic decisions related to planned succession of a family company, sale of a company, transformation or termination of business activity. In the area of strategic decisions and transformations, we closely cooperate with accounting and tax advisory specialists.

Assistance in conflict or crisis

We support our Clients in the situation of a conflict or crisis. We represent entrepreneurs in court disputes, mediations and negotiations, as well as criminal proceedings, particularly in cases related to unfair competition, brand protection or fraud. We have experience in conducting cases related to bankruptcy or liquidation of a company.


Nabycie nieruchomości w toku licytacji komorniczej

Art. 999 Kodeksu postępowania cywilnego (k.p.c.) reguluje zasady przejścia własności nieruchomości na nabywcę po dokonaniu przysądzenia własności. Postanowienie o przysądzeniu własności ma charakter konstytutywny, tj. przenosi własność nieruchomości będącej przedmiotem egzekucji.

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Szkolenie o mediacji

22 września 2015 roku mec. Sławomir Jakubowski z naszej Kancelarii uczestniczył w szkoleniu pt. „Mediacja – nowoczesna i efektywna droga rozwiązywania sporów pomiędzy przedsiębiorcami” organizowanym przez Konfederację Lewiatan w ramach projektu „Centra Arbitrażu i Mediacji”.