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Non-governmental organisations

In a free, democratic society, individuals pursue common causes, interests and passions through establishment various kinds of organisations (like associations) and foundations. Irrespective of whether your organisation runs a school, aims its activities at immigrants or motivates women to follow their passions, it deserves professional legal advisory services. It’s worthwhile to guarantee legal security to your undertaking, which will help maintain focus on achieving your goals.

We ensure comprehensive assistance in the establishment of an entity (together with further ongoing legal services) to persons who want to set up a foundation, an association, garden association or a trade union. As regards existing non-governmental organisations as well as church legal entities, we offer ongoing legal support which includes, among others, the handling of general meetings, the meetings of foundation boards, of submission of notifications to the National Court Register, assistance in negotiations and conclusion of civil-law agreements necessary in the business activity, handling of administrative proceedings and expert advisory services in the chosen domain of law (e.g. education law, act on family allotment gardens, labour law, intellectual property law, tax law, etc.).

Our law firm has extensive experience in this area. We provided support, among others, during the establishment of local tradesmen association which decided on joint operation of a shopping mall in a town near Warsaw. We have carried out a project of establishment of a nationwide association of employers of a large food industry sector.

We have provided services during establishment of a few foundations, among others a foundation that helps women and families through various activities in education, psychotherapy and law. For a foundation which organises nationwide events, with dozen thousands of people around its initiative, we have drawn up a number of necessary agreements – with sponsors, with authors on transfer of copyright and licence agreements regarding the use of work, agreements on Web site development. We have also assisted during registration proceedings for a trademark, etc.

We have modified and drawn up articles of association for a kindergarten, a school and the school’s dormitory, we have also developed work regulations and remuneration regulations in a non-public school, as well as agreements with parents or guardians.

We provided support, among others, to one church legal entity, as regards publishing agreements and with a project concerning release for digitisation the collection of music documents from the archives of the province of the order.

Non-governmental organisation practice is supervised by legal advisor Jan Lipski.


Nabycie nieruchomości w toku licytacji komorniczej

Art. 999 Kodeksu postępowania cywilnego (k.p.c.) reguluje zasady przejścia własności nieruchomości na nabywcę po dokonaniu przysądzenia własności. Postanowienie o przysądzeniu własności ma charakter konstytutywny, tj. przenosi własność nieruchomości będącej przedmiotem egzekucji.

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Szkolenie o mediacji

22 września 2015 roku mec. Sławomir Jakubowski z naszej Kancelarii uczestniczył w szkoleniu pt. „Mediacja – nowoczesna i efektywna droga rozwiązywania sporów pomiędzy przedsiębiorcami” organizowanym przez Konfederację Lewiatan w ramach projektu „Centra Arbitrażu i Mediacji”.