Other areas

The scope of our activities is not limited to aforementioned areas of law, but also includes advisory services in many other categories of issues. We provide support to entrepreneurs in relation to personal data protection, in criminal business issues or in the process of seeking EU funding. As regards individual Clients, we also provide assistance in family issues (including alimony issues) and guardianship issues, we also represent our Clients, as defence attorneys, in criminal proceedings.

We consult our Clients on observance of personal data protection act. We comment on and draw up agreements on commission of personal data processing services, we also develop and help implement the internal security policies in personal data protection.

Considering the availability of various EU programmes aimed at entrepreneurs, we help our Clients prepare appropriate submissions for funding of their projects and provide support at subsequent stages of financing submission proceedings.

We work on cases related to limitation and termination of parental rights, establishment of paternity, establishment of guardianship, as well as alimony issues.

We help establish foundations and associations and we handle their ongoing legal affairs.

We provide support to our Clients in education issues, particularly in advisory services to entities operating kindergartens, schools and other education institutions in organisational issues, in relation to their relationships with parents or guardians, or in relation to performance of public law duties. We support a Client in the process of establishment of a junior high school and a boarding house for students, we modified articles of association and regulations of schools and kindergartens, we helped resolve a conflict resulting from a dispute between a child’s parents regarding teaching programme provided at the school.

Within criminal law practice, lawyers of the our firm represent their Clients as defence attorneys in criminal proceedings at every stage of the case, both in preparatory proceedings before the prosecutor and during court proceedings. We also represent Clients as attorneys of the aggrieved party or of auxiliary prosecutors.

We represent our Clients in disciplinary actions taken by local government organs or other entities (including very specific ones, such as Board of Appeal of the Racing Circuit Warszawa – Służewiec).

Due to our collaboration with academic employees of legal faculties of renowned universities, we are able to offer access to specialist legal knowledge in every area of law.


Nabycie nieruchomości w toku licytacji komorniczej

Art. 999 Kodeksu postępowania cywilnego (k.p.c.) reguluje zasady przejścia własności nieruchomości na nabywcę po dokonaniu przysądzenia własności. Postanowienie o przysądzeniu własności ma charakter konstytutywny, tj. przenosi własność nieruchomości będącej przedmiotem egzekucji.


Szkolenie o mediacji

22 września 2015 roku mec. Sławomir Jakubowski z naszej Kancelarii uczestniczył w szkoleniu pt. „Mediacja – nowoczesna i efektywna droga rozwiązywania sporów pomiędzy przedsiębiorcami” organizowanym przez Konfederację Lewiatan w ramach projektu „Centra Arbitrażu i Mediacji”.