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Everyone, irrespective of whether conducting business activity or not, enters into contact with the law in its various dimensions, e.g. concludes agreements with providers of goods or services, buys a recreation plot or an apartment, takes a loan, becomes a member of a condominium (wspólnota mieszkaniowa), or makes a will. Many people participate in legal relationships in an entirely passive manner. However, with the rise in legal consciousness, there is also growing desire to actively shape those relationships and to protect against abuse and exploitation, the desire to secure the future of yourself and your family.

We offer our assistance in every kind of individual issues, such as:

– inheritance cases: assistance in drawing up wills, conducting inheritance proceedings and inheritance division proceedings, also with the participation of persons domiciled abroad or with whereabouts unknown,

– any kind of agreement (sale, lease, annuity, loan, specified work, service agreement, real property management agreement, etc.), providing opinions and negotiating their wording,

– cases for abolition of co-ownership,

– family affairs, including adoption proceedings,

– employee affairs,

– cases for indemnity and compensation, particularly as a result of malpractice in medical procedures or accidents,

– cases arising out of misconduct in scientific and treatment experiments,

– cases concerning intellectual property, including cases concerning commercialisation of scientific research and development works,

– any administrative and court-administrative matters,

– criminal cases.

In justified cases, when primary and secondary legislation infringes constitutional standards and have had negative impact on the scope of your rights, on behalf of natural persons, entrepreneurs and social organisations, we draw up constitutional complaints and subsequently represent the complainant before the Constitutional Court.

Our law firm also conducted many cases of confirmation of inheritance acquisition and inheritance division with complex factual circumstances, also with participation of foreigners and persons with whereabouts unknown, as well as in cases when it was necessary to search for, correct and localise (register in Poland) foreign civil registry documents. Depending on the case, we challenged or defended authenticity of a will written with one’s own hand or oral testament. On behalf of our clients, we negotiated wording of inheritance division agreements or an inheritance agreement. We also have experience in cases concerning revoking of a donation. We have also drawn up, for our clients, a contract of tenancy for a large agricultural property, a lease agreement for commercial premises as well as real property management agreement.

We have successfully participated in disputes with insurers regarding payment of due indemnity. We were representing plaintiffs and their immediate family in cases of relief for the so-called „medical damages” and for causing health impairment (death) in a road accident.

We have won, in court, remuneration for overtime work for a manual worker, office workers, as well as a construction works manager.

We helped adopting parents to regulate the estate situation of their adopted children.

We represent former owners of nationalised (expropriated) real estate in proceedings aimed at restitution of property – both in cases of expropriation by virtue of law and by administrative decision. We question the grounds of nationalisation and correctness of conducted expropriation proceedings (land reform decree, the decree on ownership and use of land in the capital city of Warsaw, other expropriation acts). We also conduct proceedings regarding restitution of property unused for expropriation purposes, including necessary proceedings on declaration of invalidity of a decision granting land for perpetual usufruct to third persons.

We have experience in representing natural persons in a number of other kinds of court proceedings – including civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.

Moreover, we offer a special programme for individuals intending to start business activity (so-called start-ups).

We also run extensive practice in intellectual property issues.


Nabycie nieruchomości w toku licytacji komorniczej

Art. 999 Kodeksu postępowania cywilnego (k.p.c.) reguluje zasady przejścia własności nieruchomości na nabywcę po dokonaniu przysądzenia własności. Postanowienie o przysądzeniu własności ma charakter konstytutywny, tj. przenosi własność nieruchomości będącej przedmiotem egzekucji.

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Szkolenie o mediacji

22 września 2015 roku mec. Sławomir Jakubowski z naszej Kancelarii uczestniczył w szkoleniu pt. „Mediacja – nowoczesna i efektywna droga rozwiązywania sporów pomiędzy przedsiębiorcami” organizowanym przez Konfederację Lewiatan w ramach projektu „Centra Arbitrażu i Mediacji”.